Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Real estate litigation is a vast area of law that involves a wide range of issues and disputes that occur among businesses and individuals with stake or mutual interests in real property. The real estate litigation attorneys of Patino & Associates have extensive experience handling all matters, complex or simple, pertaining to real estate. With our thorough knowledge of the laws governing real property, our strong financial backing and resources to take action immediately, our team of expert real estate attorneys are ready to effectively represent you during any point of the real estate process that involve but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Closing and Title Services
  • Issues involving the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real property
  • Disputes involving community associations, leasing, sales, termination, and condominium conversion
  • Disputes between real estate brokers and real estate agents (commissions)
  • Disputes between adjacent property owners (Boundary)
  • Fraud involving the transferring of residential or commercial real property
  • Residential and commercial lease disputes between landlords and tenants
  • Residential and commercial evictions or ejectments
  • Title disputes and Quieting title actions
  • Eminent domain

If you are seeking representation for a real estate litigation matter, contact the attorneys of Patino & Associates today and begin the conversation. You can’t afford to lose precious time with inexperienced or inefficient help. The attorneys at Patino & Associates have the drive and know-how you need to execute and win your case. We are on your side and will take the time
needed to thoroughly investigate your situation or case from beginning to end. Time is of the essence.