Miami Aviation Accident Attorneys: Accidents Involving Airplanes, Jets, Helicopter and Aircraft

The actions that you take immediately following an airplane crash, helicopter crash, or airline accident are critical. A wrong decision after one of these dreadful events can affect the rest of your life.

Most airplane accidents occur shortly before, during, or after takeoff or landing. Numerous aviation accidents are accredited to human error, but the progressively multifaceted nature of electronic and mechanical equipment can result in many varying dynamics.

Fact: An airplane or helicopter crash is not your typical accident.

While statistics demonstrate that these accidents are less common than automotive accidents, they are inclined to produce more severe consequences. People scarcely walk away from an airplane or helicopter accident uninjured. Instead, they are plagued with excruciating and serious injuries — if they survive. Characteristically, an aviation accident leaves a family having to pick up the pieces of their lives as they grieve over the loss of a loved one.

Domestic aviation accidents are considered personal injury or wrongful death claims, and are frequently governed by state law. International aviation accidents consist of their own distinct set of factors that can be complex. Since airplane and helicopter crashes are diverse in comparison to other types of accidents, it is essential to speak with an airplane crash attorney straightaway. Nevertheless, it is important to note that contacting a standard personal injury attorney can actually be disadvantageous toyour case. Aviation accident cases have been discharged because of legal issues and other matters in which the typical lawyer may lack experience. It is vital that your lawyer has knowledge in dealing with the FAA, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), aviation insurers, and industry experts.

Evidence remains critical to recovering damages in plane crash and helicopter accident cases, and your attorney will need to get started as soon as possible. Some of the steps an airplane crash lawyer will promptly take include:

  • Preserving wreckage
  • Collecting communications pertinent to the accident flight
  • Locating and interviewing significant witnesses
  • Identifying matters correlating to jurisdiction (the geographic area where the case will be heard)

Patino & Associates has the know-how and experience in protecting the rights of Florida plane crash victims and their family members. We represent pilots, passengers and ground crew workers who actively pursue recovering damages for injuries suffered in cases involving carelessness, ineptitude, or product failure.

We effectively handle airplane and helicopter accident cases of all types, nationally and internationally. If a loved one has been injured and it involves aviation we will aggressively prosecute the case. With a successful track record, we have a reputation in the industry as vigorous advocates for our client’s. Types of aviation accident cases we handle include: United States and international airline accidents, helicopter accidents, private airplane accidents, charter airplane accidents, air medical transport (ambulance) accidents, sightseeing tour accidents, and air show and event accidents. We want to take the time needed to effectively handle your case, so we only handle a limited amount of cases presented to us.

If you or someone you love has been in an airplane accident, contact us immediately to discuss your case. We are ready to fight vigorously on your behalf. Patino & Associates offers knowledgeable representation for airplane accident victims who suffer fatal or severe injuries resulting in lost wages, medical expenses or wrongful death.

We understand the state and federal aviation laws involving the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as well as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We also have an in-depth knowledge of airplane product safety considerations that govern the determination of fault or negligence in an aviation accident. Take a moment and read about some of our aviation accident cases on our verdicts and settlements page.

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