Auto Accident Attorneys: Accidents Involving Automobiles, Trucks, Trains & Motorcycles

FACT: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a car accident occurs once every minute. This is mind boggling at best, but did you know that virtually every car accident results in property damage, personal injury, and/or some type of legal action? Every day accidents not involving personal injury do not necessitate a car accident attorney.

Nonetheless, if your accident comprises injury, medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional repercussions, and any other type of suffering, obtaining a personal injury lawyer may be necessary for the success of your overall recovery.

What comprises accident negligence cases?

Examples of accident negligence cases include all types of vehicular accidents that were caused by an individual’s negligence while driving. The personal injury attorneys at Patino & Associates may be able to assist if you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, or an accident comprising a motorcycle, truck, or train.

Auto accidents can be a result of simple failure to stop or yield at traffic signals, possibly as a consequence of talking and/or texting on a cell phone while driving, or by more complex road conditions, such as improper grading on the highway or insufficient signage.

Truck accidents usually occur as a direct result of equipment failure, driver fatigue or error, inadequate loading, driving under the influence of alcohol, or poor maintenance. When these accidents happen, the magnitude of potentially disastrous physical injuries, vehicle damage and even wrongful death are traumatic for the families involved. Train accidents resulting in personal injury or wrongful death may be a result of defective signaling equipment, improper track maintenance, or broken crossing gates. Rail carriers serving South Florida include Amtrak, Florida East Coast Railway, CSX Transportation, Miami Metrorail, Miami Metromover, Miami-Dade County Transit, and the Tri-Rail system.

Motorcycle accidents are also another factor that play a role in the increase of cause of death or injury on the road. Today, Motorcycle fatalities account for 13 percent of all transportation fatalities. In 2007 alone, the amount of motorcycle riders or passengers killed on the nation’s roads increased at least 6.6 percent over the previous year.

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Ralph Patino, the personal injury attorney who founded Patino & Associates, has received national coverage on CNN, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today for his efforts in effectively prosecuting multimillion-dollar claims against the country’s largest automotive and tire manufacturers in deadly accidents encompassing sport utility vehicle (SUV) roll overs and crashes caused by vehicle design defect and defective tires.

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