Crash survivor sues local Ford dealership

A Pembroke Pines woman who had an accident involving a Ford Explorer riding on Firestone tires that are not part of the nationwide recall publicly called for anyone driving a Ford Explorer with Firestone Wilderness AT tires to replace them -- even at their own expense. Carmen Villar, 22, said the tread on her right rear tire separated from the tire while she drove on I-595 last week. Her Explorer fishtailed across three lanes of traffic, slid into the center median and tipped over before righting itself. She was not seriously injured. The Firestone tires on her Explorer were manufactured at the company's Wilson, N.C., plant and were not part of the nationwide recall. At a news conference, Villar's Miami attorney Ralph Patino said that regardless of the ID numbers and site of tire manufacturing, all Wilderness AT tires should be replaced. Patino represents seven families suing Firestone and Ford because of tire separation accidents. Villar is seeking damages from the World Ford dealership in Pembroke Pines that serviced her car and inspected her tires two weeks ago. After the recall was announced, she asked the dealership to replace her tires but was refused, Patino said.