Political Engagement

At Patino & Associates all of our attorneys are encouraged to engage in the political process. We believe that, as attorneys, it is our job to help shape the political landscape of the future. In addition to founding Patino & Associates, P.A., Attorney Ralph G. Patino, has dedicated time and resources to the political arena for over three decades. From local affairs to national, federal engagements, Mr. Patino has always stood up to be a voice for the people. Some of the more current political endeavors Mr. Patino is associated with include:

  • The Brookings Institute—America’s Council ( Senior Member )
  • U.S. Cuba Business Council—U.S. Chamber of Commerce ( Founding Director )
  • #CUBANOW ( Board Member since 2014 )
  • Futuro Fund ( Member )
  • Democratic National Finance Committee ( National Finance Committee Member )
  • Florida Democratic Party ( Member of the Board of Trustees )
  • Latino Victory Project ( Founding Board Member )