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Miami Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation Attorneys

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In some cases, people facing mediation, do not need the assistance of an attorney. Although it is not always advised, the straightforward rules and processes of mediation can very well be handled by a zealous self-represented person. The idea of the mediation is that those involved are entering with the intent to end a dispute as amicably and efficiently as possible. Sometimes, however, communications can break down or the issues involved can become confusing and far more intensive than originally anticipated. In that case, a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer should be there to offer professional guidance.

Arbitration is a time-tested, cost-effective alternative to the litigation process.

Submitting to arbitration is the process of allowing one or more impartial individuals to resolve a dispute without going to a full-fledged trial. Usually, the decision, or “award” that is handed down by the arbitrator, is final and binding on the parties in the case. While it is not a trial, arbitration matters can be quite complex and most often require a lawyers’ professional help. Sometimes, people submit to arbitration without being aware that they have submitted in the first place. This is because many of the contracts entered into today include arbitration clauses, which would force one to engage in arbitration before one could bring the matter to trial. Nevertheless, if you are considering an alternative to trial or have contractually submitted to arbitrating on a particular case, contact our firm so we can help get the matter resolved quickly and efficiently.

Negotiation can be a valuable tool…

Sometimes and objective viewpoint is necessary when trying to come to an agreement with another. Often, those involved in negotiating a deal can be—rightfully so—emotionally invested in the subject matter of the negotiation. In such cases, it helps to have the guidance of an attorney to help clarify and delineate certain aspects of the deal or issue. In relieving any confusion, the process is moved along and the parties are able to reach an agreement and proceed with their lives. Our many years of involvement in legal matters, on both sides of disputes, have afforded us the knowledge and the experience necessary to help clients negotiate, with stellar results and maximum efficiency.

We have helped hundreds—if not thousands—of clients avoid costly litigation by counseling them during mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. Because, in recent years, alternative dispute resolution has increasingly become a more widely used tool, the trial lawyers of Patino & Associates have become well versed in the nuances associated with the different processes.
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