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Miami General Counsel Attorneys

Patino & Associates has been representing businesses, as corporate general counsel for over 25 years. Our clients rest assured that their businesses legal matters are well taken care so they can focus on what they do best—run their business. In today’s fast paced and often litigious society, it is crucial to have a team of legal professionals watching after your businesses best interest. When business owners begin their entrepreneurial journey they often do not anticipate the legal formalities that need to be satisfied, or the legal issues that could arise. Whether you are aware the various laws that business have to navigate through or you’re interested in learning the laws that govern your next project, the general outside counsel department at Patino & Associates can help. Several of the functions that we can handle include but are not limited to:

  • Examine and evaluate internal and external impacts of any decision or course of action
  • Set internal governance policies and manage the impact of externalities
  • Provide expert and strategic legal advice to corporate managements and executives
  • Strategically evaluate risks
  • Identify proactive solutions to eliminate or mitigate risks
  • General compliance matters
  • Deal with external parties including, regulators, special counsel, politicians, and clients
  • Draft and review transactional and employment contracts
  • Deal with complex, significant matters that relate to various legal and regulatory areas
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of current legislation

At Patino & Associates we have proven general counseling experience in a broad spectrum of business environments. Our diligent attorneys maintain a broad legal knowledge base in the areas of corporate, labor, and transactional law. We will make sure your business is in compliance with any and all municipal, state, and federal laws. Call us today at (305) 443-6163 to set up a free business evaluation.