US Embassy in Cuba should not be a foreign relations pawn | Opinion

By Jan. 3, 1961, the New York Yankees had won the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds and the U.S. State Department had lost its prize jewel of the Caribbean — Cuba. On that day, a crisp Sunday morning, a ...
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Florida Leads In Firestone Tire Deaths

In August 1999, Ford contacted Explorer owners in Saudi Arabia because the company believed the Firestone tires on their vehicles were defective and needed to be replaced. But 7,000 miles away in Jacksonville, Alaina Culleton didn't know that. Three months ...
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In Internet stickups, consumers risk being left on their own

Thanks to the Internet, millions of people use personal computers as a branch office of their local bank. So who is to blame when there is a stickup? A businessman in Florida says that Bank of America is at fault ...
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